Welcome to First State Surgery Center

Your Childs Surgery

  1. Reasons you will feel confident about your child's surgery: First State Surgery Center's policy is that all children, no matter what age, need the support of their parents
    • you will be able to stay with your child until they enter the operating room and you will be reunited right after surgery in the recovery room
    • your child will be attended to every minute by a member of the Nursing staff who is trained in Pediatric Surgical Care
    • your child will be attended to by a member of the Anesthesia staff who is trained in Pediatric Anesthesia
    • the center provides equipment specially designed for children and pediatric surgery
  2. How to help your child through surgery:
    • children often take their cues from adults the trust, you can help your child feel safe and comfortable by demonstrating your own calm assurance
    • you may also want to do some of these things: explain what to expect, encourage questions and give brief honest answers, be sure to discuss the reasons for the surgery and how the child will benefit
    • bring your child’s favorite toy, book or security blanket
    • surgery center staff also will help your child to feel at ease by showing and explaining the facility, answering questions, and even playing with your child